Trevor Hinesley

business + creativity


For as long as I can remember, I've been fueled by curiosity. Even as a toddler, I would ask my parents existential questions concerning life and the universe. "Why?" is one of my favorite questions to ask, and it's the reason I love building software businesses.

Over the course of my professional career, I've consistently straddled the line between music and technology. While touring the world in a rock band, I built web applications for everything from Fortune 500 companies to top Billboard artists, and this led me to meeting some incredible people who were also asking, "Why?" Our attempt to answer this led to the creation of a business that has made significant waves in an antiquated and complex industry.

Asking "Why?" with exceptionally driven and forward thinking individuals has resulted in endeavors that I'm proud of and thankful to be a part of, and these are just the beginning:

"Why is music licensing so complicated?"
Answer: Soundstripe

"Why is getting my clients to pay for a file such a pain?"
Answer: Filepass


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